A Canadian couple is gaining major attention for all the right reasons and we are so here for it. This Vancouver couple's engagement photos are going viral after they recreated several significant moments in NBA history. These engagement pictures are everything that NBA fans would want and more. 

It all started when local Andrew Rowan uploaded his engagement photos to Instagram. Based on his Instagram bio, he is a Vancouverite. The pictures quickly caught the attention of many people and even some NBA stars like LeBron James and Dwayne Wade, because they are definitely unlike any other engagement shots you've seen.  

For their engagement photo shoot, the couple reenacted several significant moments in NBA history, such as Dwyane Wade, when he was on the Miami Heat, celebrating before his then-teammate LeBron James made a dunk and Vince Carter's epic dunk at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. 

"Normally, I think engagement photo shoots are kinda stupid," read the Instagram post. "BUT, I agreed to do them if Zoe agreed to reenact memorable NBA moments". 

The photos have gone viral not just nationally, but internationally. It has even caught the attention of some well-known NBA players, after it was reposted onto ESPN's official Instagram page. 

Even NBA stars Dwyane Wade and LeBron James, who were both re-enacted in the engagement photos, commented on ESPN's Instagram post of the pictures with praise. 

Check out their epic engagement photos below, which were posted on Andrew Rowan's Instagram. 

The engagement photos were taken by Vancouver photographer Thomas Bullock. He also uploaded pictures of the shoot onto Instagram, and wrote in the caption, "Started as an idea to trick @rowshow into doing engagement photos. Ended up on @espn". 

The photos have gotten almost 10,000 likes on Andrew Rowan's Instagram, and over 360,000 likes on ESPN's Instagram since it was uploaded this past weekend. 

These engagement photos are definitely setting the bar high for all basketball fans. We can't wait to see what other photos start surfacing after gaining inspiration from this epic engagement photoshoot. 

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