As Vancouverites have been able to watch pretty much the rest of Canada get hit with a 'polar vortex' this month, the cold winter is finally starting to hit the west coast as well. As the temperatures start to drop and snow flurries continue to gather, Vancouver is warning drivers that they can still get ticketed if they leave their car idling, despite the cold weather. You can actually be hit with a ticketed fine if you leave your car running in the morning to heat it up before your commute. 

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As a law that is a big part of Vancouver's 'green initiative' to cut back on pollution, the city warns that all idling bylaws are still under effect, even as the temperatures start to dramatically drop. 

If your vehicle is idling for more than three consecutive minutes within each hour you can be issued a ticket if you get caught in the act. This means, that if you are warming your car up before your morning commute or leaving your car running to keep it warm while you go grab a coffee or your lunch you can be forced to pay a fine. 

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Tarryn Scollard who works within the City of Vancouver told News 1130 that even city crews are doing their part in reducing pollution during this cold weather, "One thing we did for our own crews to reduce our idling was get in-cab heaters that plug right into the battery so that you're not running the engine,". 

Scollard also states that while you will only get a ticket if someone is actually present to catch you in the act, the City distributed 111 idling tickets last year and continues to work on handing them out this year as well. 

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There are some exemptions to this idling fee though. If the car needs to idle in order to run a piece of equipment that is attached to your vehicle then this idling bylaw can be waived. 

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So make sure to take note of how long you are idling your vehicle as temperatures continue to drop or it may result in you getting a ticket! 

Source: News1130

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