Every time we look at the news, it seems like things are getting more expensive. With our bills and expenses in constant flux, we've been on the edge of our seats for some good news in the money department. Luckily, that day has finally come. Vancouver gas prices are about to drop drastically on Thursday, November 7, 2019. So, if you're able to make your tank last until Thursday, you should wait to hit the pump until that giant price sign looks a little less daunting.

According to gas price analyst Dan McTeague, Vancouver and Lower Mainland gas prices are dropping by 10 cents a litre on Thursday, making history as the biggest single-day price drop in over 10 years for southwest British Columbia. As gas prices have been on the climb lately, this news will bring some relief to your commute and your bank account.

It's expensive to be a human being on this earth, especially in Vancouver. Between housing prices and various bills, it isn't always easy making ends meet. Today, we are thanking the gas gods and we will be pulling up to the gas station tomorrow with our heads held high. If you're a Vancouver driver, you're in luck this week.

According to GasBuddy, the most affordable gas stations in Vancouver currently include Mobil on Grandview Highway and Rupert Street, Metro-Canada on 33 Avenue. and Knight Street, and Husky on Powell Street and Wall Street. 

Vancouver’s gas prices recently rose by five cents just before the September long weekend. Because winter is on the way in B.C., we’ll likely be walking and biking a little less, so more affordable gas is certainly welcome news.

Enjoy a little extra pocket change as Vancouver gas prices take a significant dip. Maybe treat yourself to an early Christmas present or, you know, pay your bills.

We'll be seeing you at the pump tomorrow, Vancouver.

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