Canada's newly installed carbon tax is beginning to take its toll. Gas prices have risen so drastically in some parts of Canada that many are resorting to new measures to ensure they can continue to afford to drive. Vancouver gas prices are now breaking records at 171.9 per litre, and drivers seem to be more willing to wait in line at cheaper stations than to pay those prices.

A video posted by CTV reporter Keri Anderson showed drivers lining up at a Vancouver gas station on Sunday in an effort to score some cheaper gas for 144.9 a litre. In other provinces, 144.9 may not seem so cheap, especially when you compare it to Statistics Canada data. According to Stat Can, the average monthly gas price in Vancouver was 134.4 back in February, before the carbon tax came into effect. 

It's important to note, though, that rising prices in Vancouver are not entirely a result of the carbon tax. According to CTV, refinery issues affecting the state of California have also been linked to the recent spike. Prices will also likely see a rise this week due to the switchover from winter to summer gasoline.

According to a CTV report, gas stations with 144.9-cent prices in Vancouver might as well be a gold mine. Vancouverites were levelled with soaring gas prices, some stations charging 171.9 cents per litre. At those prices, it is no wonder that people would be lining up for gas that doesn't break the bank. 

Meanwhile, in Ontario, Premier Doug Ford is taking measures into his own hands as his government prepares to take the federal government to court over the controversial carbon tax.

According to reports by CBC, Ford's government will make its stand in the Court of Appeal for Ontario this morning in front of a panel of five judges. The court has even permitted cameras to be in the courtroom so that proceeding could be streamed live.

A legal team will be appearing in court on the behalf of Attorney General Caroline Mulroney to argue that Liberal's new carbon tax, which was installed to help reduce Canada's carbon footprint and protect the environment, is unconstitutional.

A shocking report from Environment and Climate Change Canada revealed this month that Canada is heating up twice as fast as the rest of the world due to climate change. The carbon tax is one of several decisions made by the federal government to combat climate change.

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