In the middle of the night, a Vancouver impaired driver was caught driving with three times the legal limit of alcohol in her system and breaking quarantine rules all at the same time.

A police report claims the woman was speeding in her Porsche at around midnight on Wednesday, October 7, northbound on Clark in Vancouver

After realizing she didn’t stop at a red light at East Hastings, she pulled into the middle of the intersection, backed up, then took off again. 

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There were numerous bottles of alcohol in the car

Vancouver Crime Stories

Later, she sideswiped a vehicle on Powell after she tried to make a right turn at a very high speed before crossing a westbound lane and colliding with a metal lamp post. 

When the driver of the side-swiped car got out to help, they noticed the woman was intoxicated. 

The unnamed 30-year-old driver fled on foot once she was able to stand, but was later arrested and provided a breath sample that showed she was over three times the legal limit. 

During the breath test, she announced to police that she had recently been out of the country but believes she was exempt from the Quarantine Act due to the nature of her work. 

She now faces charges of impaired driving, failing to remain at the scene of an accident, was given a ticket for not having a valid diver’s license, an unlicensed driver prohibition, and a seven-day vehicle impoundment, and was also issued a $1,000 ticket for not following quarantine orders. 

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