Vancouver is starting to go into shutdown mode because of the snowy weather, and it's safe to say that locals are not at all pleased. The city is a huge mess today and residents are feeling it the worst. Vancouver's snow chaos is causing TransLink delays, broken buses, school shutdowns and locals are about ready to give up. Many have taken to social media to document just how chaotic it is outside and to complain about the snowy mess. 

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Environment Canada issued a weather warning for heavy snowfall in Vancouver today on Monday, February 11. "A long period of snowfall with total amounts of 10 to 15 cm is expected," read the alert. 

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After the snowfall hit Vancouver hard yesterday, it was no surprise that transit delays and broken-down buses would affect commuters this morning. There have been massive lines and crowds of Vancouverites trying to take transit during their route to work. In response to the weather, TransLink routes have been delayed all day, especially the Expo line

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This winter season had been pretty mild in Vancouver until now, and it looks like the city is not necessarily prepared. With all the transit delays and shutdowns across Metro Vancouver, locals are not impressed by how it's all being handled. 

Translink has been one of the biggest pains for Vancouverites this snowy morning. There have been several delays and even transit shutdowns, and massive lineups are forming at numerous stations. 

Others have just been annoyed over the snowy mess in general, and many have even said that Vancouver does not know how to handle snow. 

Unfortunately for Vancouverites, the snow is expected to continue at least through tomorrow morning, according to Environment Canada. The snow and cold weather is the most that Vancouver has seen in over 10 years

Until the snow mess is over, get ready for major delays in your commute and brace for the chaos that snowfall brings to Vancouver. 

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