It's the little things that always count the most. When it comes to Christmas, it's the small gestures of kindness, the decorations spread throughout the city and festive Christmas lights hung everywhere that seem to put everyone in the holiday spirit.

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Via Legorocks99 |

In Vancouver, local bus drivers have decided to share in the holiday season and it's seriously adorable. One driver decided to deck out his transit bus in holiday wreaths, colourful Christmas lights and big giant red bows. 

Reddit user Legorocks99 uploaded this photo onto the Vancouver subreddit only an hour ago and it's already getting tons of comments. Vancouverites are so happy to see that this bus driver is spreading some Christmas spirit around the city.

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Your everyday commute to work can be dull and boring, especially given the rainy climate. Vancouver has been dealing with endless rain and a storm on the horizon. It's nice to see that some good deeds, like decorating local buses, makes Vancouverites so happy.

If you're interested in hopping onto this festive Christmas bus, here are the details. According to the Redditor, it's the 25 to Brentwood. Happy Holidays!

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