As Canadians, we're used to animal sightings from time to time, but this one's unique. On Thursday, February 20, a Reddit user caught a mystery creature running across their yard in Vancouver and asked their fellow Redditors if they could recognize the weird creature from the video. However, no one could pinpoint the identity and the Reddit community is scratching its head. 

Is it a raccoon? Is it a monkey? Is it a really weird and large housecat? The possibilities are endless. 

The Reddit post with the video is titled "What just ran through my yard and how far should I move?" So it's clear that this Vancouver resident might be a bit alarmed to capture footage of this unidentified animal running through their yard. 

As revealed in the comments section of the post, the original poster lives around Waterloo and Broadway. 

One of the users who commented on the post suggested that it could be a notorious tailless raccoon who's been plaguing the neighbourhood recently.

Another user thinks it might be a capybara, you know, the largest rodent on earth. 

We're not sure what's worse. 

You can check out the video below to get a glimpse of this bizarre animal that's currently confusing locals. 

It's a short clip but it reveals just enough to make city residents take a moment of pause before planning out their next backyard barbeque. 

A user mentioned a raccoon in the Kits area that looks like "he’s fought every hobo in the city with how many scars he has." 

Whereas another user is dead sure that it was a baboon. The commenters did not shy away from giving their 2 cents, from suggesting it could be a "mutant North American House Hippo" to surmising that it's a gremlin set to destroy the resident's backyard. 

One person said the mystery animal could be "ManBearPig," the fictitious creature from South Park that represents climate change. 

One thing's for sure: Vancouver Redditors can get really creative when they're trying to figure out the identity of an animal. 

Most users, by and large, agreed that it may have been a tailless raccoon. 

CTV News spoke to Stanley Park Ecology Society, who mirrored that assumption. They said, "A lot of raccoons nowadays in the city look surprisingly big."

They also said that raccoons can lose their tails for a number of reasons, so that might explain why our mystery creature lacked a tail. 

This prompted the Reddit thread to discuss the city's raccoon situation. One user spoke about how the Vancity's raccoons are especially savvy. 

Whatever it may be, we are hoping we can enjoy its sight from afar. We know how B.C. animals can be vicious

This article’s cover image was used for illustrative purposes only.

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