No one likes paying for parking and that is a fact. Thankfully, Vancouver is stepping up to take a little financial pressure of locals during the pandemic. On Monday, March 30, the city announced that it is scrapping Vancouver parking meter fees until further notice. 

The official statement from the city makes it clear that this is a temporary measure to "support essential workers and protect frontline staff during the current state of emergency."

The city decided to suspend the fees based on "changing demands for parking," particularly for health care workers who are at the frontlines of this public health crisis. 

In addition to cutting down metered parking fees, the city has also decided to suspend rush-hour zones, residential permit-parking zones, and parking time limits.

Looks like Vancouverites don't have to worry about abiding by the three-hour parking limit anymore, according to the statement. 

The city has taken note of the fact that most people are practicing social distancing protocols to contain the spread of the virus. As a result, "traffic volume and parking demand have dropped significantly." 

However, Vancouver isn't completely stopping parking enforcement in light of COVID-19. Drivers are still expected to follow critical parking bylaws so the roads aren't complete chaos. 

If you park in disability spots or are caught committing safety violations such as parking too close to a fire hydrant or a sidewalk, then the city will penalize you like usual. So don't be out there thinking you're above the law.

The same goes for impeding the movement of others, like blocking a driveway or a lane with your car. 

Additionally, the rules are not changing for the special zones that must remain open for everyone, such as bus stops, goods-delivery loading zones, passenger pick-up and drop-off zones, and other similar areas.

In the same post, the city has also announced a handful of changes being implemented with regard to recycling and waste collection. 

Residents are being told not to visit recycling or disposal centres unless absolutely necessary. They have to arrive by car and cannot make payments by cash or cheque. 

Curbside waste collectors are conducting business as usual but residents are being given instructions as to how they are to dispose of their garbage.

Among the instructions include putting all your personal waste in a separate plastic bag, double-bagging waste if you're taking care of a sick person, and holding off on spring cleaning projects for the time being. 

In addition to city parking changes, the COVID-19 update in B.C. on Monday, March 30 revealed that the province is suspending meter parking fees at hospitals.

While general laws and bylaws in the city will remain the same, city administration is working to ease the burden locals are feeling in any way they are able. As of now, you can forget about filling that parking meter and if you need to park somewhere with a short time limit, you are now allowed to overstay your welcome. 

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