Some adrenaline-seeking individuals were treated to a seriously scary incident last night when an amusement park ride in at Vancouver’s Playland malfunctioned mid-air. Due to the unforeseen technical difficulty, oil was sprayed while a number of people were on the ride. Here’s what we know. 

One of Vancouver’s most popular attractions is Playland. This amusement park and exhibition offers rides, games, and wicked food for the entire family. 

While most go there expecting to have a corn dog or two and win a stuffed animal, no one ever expects to be caught up in a machine's technical difficulty. 

On the evening of Aug. 12, a number of Playland enjoyers were on the “Beast” when it malfunctioned mid-air causing oil to spill everywhere! 

CTV News spoke with eyewitness Irene Morrison who stated that her son and nephew were on the Beast when it happened. As it spun around, Morrison noticed that something wasn’t right as the ride wasn’t performing as it usually did. 

"We started to hear a horrible metal cracking-type sound and I knew right away something was wrong because my son has been on the Beast many times and it doesn't sound like that," she explained to CTV News. "It was [an] absolute terror for my sister and [me] to watch."

But it wasn’t just the bystanders that noticed something wrong. Kirin Dyck, 11-year-old Beast rider, told CTV News that he was worried something was going to happen and “the entire thing was going to fall apart.”

Thankfully, the ride operator was able to slow the ride down to a complete stop and no one was injured. 

This incident left a lot of amusement park goers with more questions than answers but thankfully, Playland has come out with an official statement. 

According to a tweet released by Playland, there was a mechanical issue on the Beast that resulted in loud noises while it was running. The company is now working to determine the nature of the issue. According to Playland, they will report on it once more specifics have been determined. 

“In Playland all of our rides are inspected annually by Technical Safety BC and external third party safety consultants. Additionally, each ride at Playland is inspected daily prior to opening,” wrote Playland. “The safety offer guests is our number one priority.”

In addition, Playland referenced two incidents in Ohio and India. According to CNN, the Fire Ball ride collapsed on July 26, 2017, killing one person and injuring seven. 

While a terrifying and devastating accident, Playland has stated that “it is critical to be factual and point out that Playland’s Beast ride is not the same model related to the incident in Ohio”.

Playland also noted that the Beast ride in Vancouver is not the same manufactured ride model as the one in India that snapped in half - killing two people. 

The company went on to apologize for any oil that may have spilled on the people below the ride. While the oil used is not toxic, product safety and cleaning information has been supplied to impacted guests. 

Playland finished their statement by saying “as in all cases of unexpected occurrences involving a part malfunction, the parts are replaced, the ride is inspected, by engineers and external safety consultants before opening again to the public. This will happen in the coming days with the Beast.” 

This scary incident is far from the first for Playland. Just one day ago, another ride reportedly malfunctioned. According to a video posted on Twitter, the “Atmosfear” was making loud clanking noises. 

In the video, you can see the ride full of 24 people. The Twitter user captioned the video by saying “very glad I’m not on this right now.”

PNE responded disputing the claims by saying “the Atmosfear can be temporarily suspended due to wind or a guest issue on the ride. In cases like this, the ride will be gently lowered back to the loading position. At this time, there are currently no ride closures for the Atmosfear.”

Other than the reply to the tweet, Playland has not released a statement on the Atmosfear. 

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