If you've ever wondered what a day in the life of a cop is like, this Vancouver Police call list will give you the inside scoop. 

Deputy Chief Howard Chow tweeted out a snapshot of "some of the 50+ calls about to be assigned."

The tweet explained that they average about 730 calls a day. He said they had dealt with 650 calls in the last 24-hours from when he posted on Thursday, October 22.

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The list includes everything from missing person reports to weapons and suspicious people. 

One woman reported her neighbour, who she thinks is a peeping Tom. Another person was hit by a car that took off from the scene. 

Several businesses called, including a bank that said someone was using drugs inside and refusing to leave, another was a doctor's office who has someone threatening to kill the staff. 

All and all, Vancouver sounds like a pretty frightening place from the looks of this list. 

Or, is this a look into what all police are dealing with across the country? 

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