A Vancouver man made it his mission to propose to his girlfriend of three years exactly how they do in the movies. Scotty Minch went above and beyond to make sure that his proposal was so epic that it'd make the news. And after sharing an adorable Vancouver marriage proposal video online, it did. And she said yes!

On the afternoon of December 12, Minch took a massive sign to Vancouver's Lions Gate Bridge, for which his now-fiancée, Bunny Blackler, monitors traffic.

Minch managed to figure out the perfect spot on the bridge where he could stand and wave at the camera for her to see. He waited for a day that it was raining, to make it more romantic.

According to The Vancouver Courier, Blackler's coworkers were in on the proposal and asked her to take a look at something strange on the camera.

"It was a full-on mission and I had so much anxiety," Minch said. He says that the sign "almost blew off the bridge."

When she realized what was going on, Blackler totally freaked out. She ran out of the room and called Minch, giving him the enthusiastic "yes" he was likely thrilled to hear.

Blackler's coworker managed to get a few photos and a video of her accepting the proposal. Minch ran to Blackler's office as fast as he could to put the ring on her finger.

"It was like her brain couldn’t process it. Her jaw dropped. When she came back into the room she was crying and everyone was cheering. It was like a movie," her coworker said.

A TikTok video posted by Blackler shows the whole proposal, from her reaction to seeing him on the screen to the moment he makes his way to her and gets down on one knee. 

"I’ve always been a really big fan of romantic movies and I wanted to do something that you could never do in real life, that you see in movies all the time," Minch said to the Courier.

Blackler and Minch met on a dating site and quickly fell in love. Minch has called her the "most beautiful person I have ever met" and Blackler says she "can't get enough of him."

The couple is planning to take a "two-in-one" three-day trip to Las Vegas, where they'll get married and have their honeymoon. Minch says they'll try to "save for something bigger" if they can. Either way, it's clear that these two couldn't be more excited to celebrate their love.

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