After recently unveiling their double-decker buses, Translink is now giving buses the red carpet treatment across Vancouver. The City of Vancouver, along with Translink, has recently piloted a red zone project that will paint several bus stop lanes bright red to stop cars from illegally stopping at bus stops. These Vancouver red bus lanes are totally eye-catching and we will see more of them in the future. 

The red zone project is to remind drivers across the city that bus stops are not for cars, and the project is still in its pilot phase.

There are currently eight total locations at four major intersections where the pilot is being unveiled. 

Narcity reached Lon LaClaire, Director of Transportation at The City of Vancouver, by phone. LaClaire told Narcity that the pilot project is being set up at specific locations to target high volume bus lanes on West Broadway, Georgia, and Commercial Drive.

LaClaire said that the reason for creating these red zones at bus stops is that the City of Vancouver realized that many bus stop signs are not readily clear to drivers across the city.

“The red paint is a way to be really obvious,” said LaClaire.  

The red bus lanes are still being installed. At Cambie and West Broadway, one lane is already in place, with the exception of the diamond sign and bus indicator sign that is still being painted onto the road.

We've heard of rainbow crossings but this is the first time we're seeing bright red lanes in Vancouver.

According to LaClaire, car drivers have to keep track of a variety of things while driving downtown especially, and it’s not entirely their fault that they end up making illegal and often unintentional stops at bus stops. 

“It’s no fault of the driver, they’re (the bus stops) not very visible,” said LaClaire. 

Painting bus stop lanes different colours to differentiate them from bike lanes and car lanes is a practice that is becoming common in many other parts of the world, and it’s about time that Vancouver is finally catching up.  

The red zone project is the latest improvement to Vancouver's transit after releasing their double-decker buses this October.

If you haven't had a chance to see the double-decker buses around town yet, check out these cool pictures of the buses. With improvements like these, it's no wonder that Translink BC was named one of the best North American transit systems. 

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