Ever since the winter storms have been hitting Vancouver, the city's operations have been seriously impacted. Today is no different as the Vancouver Skytrain is experiencing significant delays and malfunctions. There are already massive delays and crowds so if you find yourself using public transit, be sure to allow some extra travel time. 

Vancouver got it’s first snowfall last week and ever since then, the internet has been blowing up with comments about how locals are reacting. 

While the snow was gorgeous for a while, it has hindered travel by both car and public transit. In fact, cars and buses have been getting stuck on the roads like crazy. 

One person even posted a hilarious video of a van drifting in traffic and perfectly timed it to the song Tokyo Drift. 

Though some light-hearted humour has come out of the snowfall, there have also been inconvenient ramifications including delays in transit.

According to an email sent to Narcity by Translink, the Skytrain in Vancouver is experiencing delays today on the Expo Line. 

TransLink explained on its website that a bus bridge will be replacing the Expo Line service from Waterfront Station to Stadium Station. 

This is apparently due to a track issue. 

If you happen to find yourself on public transit today, we suggest that you go in expecting delays, crowds, and traffic. 

But hey, at least you don't have to worry about getting your car stuck in the snow. 

According to the TransLink website, the stops affected are Waterfront Station, Burrard Station, Granville Station, and Stadium-Chinatown Station. 

In addition, there is no service between Burrard and Waterfront Station and customers travelling on this train must transfer trains at Stadium Station to continue. 

TransLink has also announced that due to bad weather, the Millennium Line is operating with four trains. This means that there will be an increased capacity however, reduced frequency. 

People are already beginning to express their feelings about the inconvenience on Twitter. 

According to pictures of the Skytrain stations posted online, literally hundreds of people are waiting for buses. 

The crowds are so intense that it doesn’t look like there is even room to turn around.

One person even tweeted out that several Skytrains went past them and none stopped. 

Though the delays may have been expected, commuters are still expressing their frustration with the amount of time they are spending waiting around.

One Twitter user even said that at this point they could recite the entire SkyTrain delay announcement. 

With no signs of the weather clearing up anytime soon, Vancouver could be in for more days like this. 

Luckily the weekend is here. 

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