The beginning of January 2020 turned the entire country into the type of people who can only talk about the weather. From massive dumps of snow to temperatures as low as -45 C, we earned that weather talk and we got through it together. Though, if we're looking to see who had it the worst, the stats may surprise you. Vancouver actually got more snow this month than both Calgary and Toronto. The Vancouver snow totals aren't only higher than other Canadian cities, they are far higher than Vancity is used to.

According to Weather Stats, Vancouver has received an astounding 34.6 centimetres of snow so far this month. In comparison, Toronto got 29.4 centimetres and Calgary received only 3.9 centimetres.

For somewhere that isn’t regarded as having notable winter conditions, Vancouver sure put themselves on the map with the massive snowstorm last week

The Weather Network released data that shows which Canadian cities experienced the most above-average snowfall amounts in January. As it turns out, Calgary was way below normal, counting in at -25% of normal January snow.

Toronto was next in line with only 3.4%. After Toronto, the percentages jump significantly to 187% for St. John’s, Newfoundland.

This is unsurprising as Newfoundland is experiencing insane storms that are blocking people from leaving their homes and driving their cars.

Last but not least, Vancouver had the largest percentage, counting in at 312% of average snowfall for the month of January.

Now that is a serious leap and there’s absolutely no question why the city basically shut down during the chaotic storm.

Though the numbers are vastly different from one city to the next, Vancouver and St. John’s do have one thing in common when it comes to their winter experience.

According to The Weather Network, both cities got most of their snowfall for the month in just one day. Vancouver’s big day was January 15 and St. John’s was just two days later on January 17.

It has been a wild ride. From transit cancellations and delays to schools shutting down and cars drifting on the freeway, it was hard to know what to expect during the massive snowfall in Vancouver.

Overall, St. John’s got the most snow of the Canadian cities this past month. But, in terms of what locals are used to, Vancouver got completely slammed.

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