Vancouver has transformed into a beautiful winter wonderland over the past few days. Though the winter storm is a treat for the eyes, it's not exactly a treat for drivers when it comes to traffic. The Lion's Gate bridge has been a complete traffic nightmare over the weekend and has since been closed, according to the West Vancouver Police Department. During a bad bout of traffic on the bridge, a man was captured on video making a snowman between cars. The Vancouver snowman traffic video is just too wholesome and too Canadian.

The video has a geotag of Lions Gate Bridge and a hashtag that reads #Vancouversnow. The post was made on Twitter last night, Sunday, January 2020 at 10:16 p.m. and the caption reads “waiting at Lions Gate bridge for an hour so far.”

The adorable video shows a man outside of his car with his hood up as massive snowflakes fall from the sky. Cars on all sides of him are completely stopped. He is bent over rolling a snowball along the ground live we’ve all done countless times as children.

This ultra-Canadian video shows that you don't have to pull your hair out with stress every time you're stuck in a traffic jam. In fact, you can relive your childhood by getting out there and enjoying the snow. 

Vancouver doesn't get a whole lot of snow, in fact, we didn't even get a white Christmas this year, so we might as well take advantage of it while it lasts.

This cute little video isn't the only one that emerged from Lions Gate Bridge last night. Another video posted to Twitter showed traffic at a full stand-still with blustering snow coming from all angles.

"When you live in Coquitlam and your kid plays ball on the North Shore and there is a snow storm, this is the commute home. 20 plus minutes waiting for the Lions Gate bridge #BCStorm," read the caption. 

Another post by the West Vancouver Police Department showed the bridge completely empty with gusts of snow blowing across it.

“This was the Lions Gate Bridge last night. We appreciate your patience while it was temporarily shut down due to poor road conditions. Colder temperatures this morning means a dicey commute. If you have to go out, ensure you’re prepared,” said the caption.

Though Vancouver and the rest of B.C. are finally experiencing winter weather for the season, it's nothing compared to the extreme cold that is hitting Alberta this week.

In fact, Edmonton might actually become the coldest place on earth this weekend and it is predicted to break records with temperatures as low as -40 C.

Stay warm out there!

This article’s cover image was used for illustrative purposes only.

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