Starbucks is joining the eco-friendly movement through a new pilot project. The large coffee corporation will be taking part in several initiatives that will be hitting the cafes of many of their United States locations. Lucky for us, Vancouver will also be the first Canadian city to take part in this eco-friendly pilot project for all its Starbucks locations. 

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Starbucks plans on going green through the use of fewer straws and greener cups. As part of the companies global environmental aspirations, Starbucks will be piloting a greener to-go cup in many of its locations. During the duration of the pilot project, Vancouver will be the only city in Canada to take part. 

Along with Vancouver, large eco-friendly cities including New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and London will also give the greener cups a trial run. New cups in these locations will be both recyclable and compostable. According to Starbucks, it will be featured with a new lightweight, strawless lid that is also recyclable. 

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The coffee corporation chose the cup based on the winners of a recent eco-friendly challenge. This NextGen Cup Challenge was an “open-sourced, global innovation challenge to redesign the fiber to-go cup and create a widely recyclable and/or compostable cup.” The new cup to be featured during the project was chosen from the winners of this challenge. 

“There’s still a lot of work to do to bring a solution to a global scale but it’s significant for Vancouver to be included in this important pilot,” said Allen Langdon, NextGen judge representing Canada. 

Last spring, Starbucks initiated the NextGen Consortium to make compostable, single-use cups a worldwide reality. The Consortium works to minimize its environmental footprint, which includes doubling the recycled content, recyclability, and reusability to its cups from 2016 to 2022.

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This new eco-friendly cup solution will roll out to all Starbucks locations in Vancouver. According to the Starbucks website, there are currently 50 of the coffee shops in the city. Now we don't have to feel guilty for enjoying a nice cup of Jo! 

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