Forgetting to cover your mouth when you cough is one thing, but this is is another. Residents were horrified when a video surfaced of a Vancouverite spitting on elevator buttons in a condo building. The man later issued a public apology — but it might not be enough for some tenants.

Marie Hui, a tenant in the building, is outraged. She first posted the video to Twitter on Friday, April 10. "I was and really still am concerned for my safety, my family's safety, the safety of everybody living here," she told Narcity.

"If he's doing this to a property that he lives in, he could be doing it anywhere else."

She said that she didn't film or witness the spitting, having gotten the video from a friend, but she but believes it happened in her Olympic Village condo a week ago on Saturday, April 4.

Her video racked up over 113,000 views in just two days. On Sunday, April 12, the man in the video stepped forward and gave a public apology.

According to his letter, the unnamed man was angry over a dispute with his strata council. He wrote he's now "horrified" by his actions and "sincerely apologize."

"I have no coronavirus symptoms and no health issues. I have been keeping my distance from others as required," he wrote.

In his letter, the man pledged to donate to the strata council "to more than cover the cost of extra sanitation required."

"At least we know he's owning up to what he did. And I think that's important," said Hui. "But it still doesn't excuse what he did." 

She argued that if the man hadn't been caught, he wouldn't have apologized for what he's done.

Meanwhile, authorities have tried looking into the case.

"I heard that building strata was trying to do something about it. And they ended up not being able to do much about it," said Hui.

She also told us she went to the police, but they weren't able to act either — spitting in this manner wasn't a criminal offence.

Hui notes that the unnamed man owns a unit in the building and will be here for "the long run."

"It's just a scary thought that people are out there doing things like this. Just be careful."

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