Canadian winters can be seriously brutal, but it looks like some know how to handle them better than others. Vancouverites are freezing in -6°C weather and that's considered just a mild, normal winter day in Ontario. While other parts of Canada, such as Alberta and Ontario battle temperatures up to -50°C, temperatures just below 0°C have been enough to cause Vancouverites to freak out. 

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Environment Canada issued a special weather alert for Metro Vancouver earlier this week. They warned that significantly colder conditions were coming, and they would be five to 10 degrees colder than the seasonal average. They also forecasted snowfall between one to five centimeters for Sunday. Currently, Vancouver is experiencing temperatures of-1°C, which will drop to -6°C overnight, according to The Weather Network

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Vancouver experienced some of the coldest temperatures of the winter season the week. This was the weather forecast from Environment Canada this week showing Vancouver's unusually cold temperatures. To be honest, this could be considered a nice winter day in Ontario and definitely wouldn't be a reason to complain. 

Via Screenshot | Environment Canada

The cold temperatures even prompted Translink to warn locals about potential transit delays due to the weather conditions. 

In comparison, parts of Ontario were as cold as -50°C last week and saw 50km/hr winds. Toronto even had a full-on snow blizzard, breaking single-day snowfall records and experiencing temperatures that felt like -29

Check out photos of Vancouver's snowfall and cold temperatures this week versus Toronto's last week and spot the differences – disclaimer: it's not hard. 



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Check out what Vancouverites have had to say about the cold.

We doubt Ontarians are very impressed by what Vancouverites consider to be "cold" temperatures. While Vancouver "battles" unusually cold temperatures as low as -6°C, several other provinces are dealing with temperatures as cold as -45°C today. 

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