Vancouver is going through a rough time right now. First, it was the extremely heightened fire danger. Then local beaches had to close due to high levels of e. Coli in the water. And now the city has been covered in smog and people are being warned to stay indoors

With all that happening the state of Vancouver is sounding pretty apocalyptic right now. In fact, in a photo shared online, that's exactly what locals are comparing the city to. 

Usually, Vancouver looks like this. 

@backyyembedded via  

Right now, it looks like this...

Via Reddit

A photo posted on Reddit shows a cloud of smog hanging over the city and people were quick to make references to the apocalypse. 

Some people are saying that it reminds them of movies like Blade Runner while others are reminiscing about summers long ago when there was actually sun and clear skies. 

Via Reddit

Via Reddit

The smog is a result of air pollutants that come from cars, power plants, and other household technologies. In incidents of long exposure, the smog can cause respiratory ailments like shortness of breath, wheezing, and coughing. 

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To make matters of air quality worse, the city is also being affected by smoke from the various forest fires that are still burning across the province. 

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While a change in weather forecast could really help things in Vancouver right now, the forecast will be pretty much the same for the next two weeks and the city isn't supposed to get any rain until the end of August. 

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