It's been several months since legalization and legal pot shops are only now opening up in the city of Vancouver. The first official legal weed store in Vancouver opened on Friday, January 4th and now Downtown Vancouver's newest cannabis store is officially opening this week and it looks seriously luxurious

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City Cannabis Co. is officially opening up a brand new location in downtown Vancouver on Robson Street very soon. According to their Instagram page, the weed store is set to open and become fully legal in the next few days. City Cannabis Co. just opened up the first fully legal weed store in East Vancouver during a surprise opening on Friday, January 4 on Fraser Street. 

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The second official location is set to open in a few days and this store looks seriously boujee. The second store will be located in Downtown Vancouver's famous shopping district on Robson Street, close to Drake's newest OVO store and Nordstrom. The high-end Cannabis store will definitely fit in considering it already looks super luxurious inside. The interior is white and chic, this is easily going to be one of the trendiest cannabis stores in the city. 

Check out photos of what it looks like below! 

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The interior of the City Cannabis Co. store looks super sleek and chic. This store is seriously aesthetic and the luxurious version of a weed dispensary. According to their Instagram, there is even "an informative Bud Bar where you can browse and smell all our available strains". 

"We design all of our stores to reflect Vancouver’s unique sense of place, blending an urban sensibility into an aesthetic defined by lush coastal rainforests and majestic alpine mountains," wrote City Cannabis Co. on their website. "Our store is filled with natural greenery and lighting, and we custom-make all the furniture using reclaimed wood and other natural materials from the Pacific Northwest". 

City Cannabis Co.'s Robson location will be the third legal cannabis store in the city and the first ever in downtown Vancouver. They opened their first location on  Fraser Street and East 57th Avenue last Friday night.

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The only other legal cannabis store in Vancouver right now is in the Kitsilano area and it's called Evergreen Cannabis SocietyIt officially opened on Saturday, January 5th and is located at 2868 W 4th Ave. 

City Cannabis Co. will be located at 610 Robson Street in downtown Vancouver. You can find out more about the weed store on their website. 

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