In case you missed it, it snowed in Vancouver. Like a lot. Vancouver’s snowstorm this past weekend was so bad that there are now several shocking videos online that perfectly sum up how bad it really was. From terrible driving to complete accidents, it all happened on Sunday night in Vancity. 

Over the weekend, Vancouver received a massive dump of snow. Tons of areas in and around Vancouver turned into beautiful snow globes and while some people stopped to take in the beauty, other people totally panicked. 

A number of public transit routes and ferry sailings were cancelled and traffic delays were expected during the storm. Though, it appears that tons of brave souls still decided to leave the house. 

On the night of Sunday, January 12, 2020, Vancouver's uncharacteristic weather turned everything into a total nightmare. 

According to several videos and pictures posted online, the roads were a complete mess. Between accidents and delays, it all happened in Vancouver last night and thankfully, we have the footage to prove it. 

According to Environment Canada, several blowing snow and extreme cold warnings have been issued for parts of B.C. 

It’s even supposed to be colder and snowier in Vancouver this week than in Toronto. Can we cancel this season yet?

What's a Little Push Between Friends?

There was so many vehicles stuck in the snow, someone called it a “snowpocalypse.”

Stuck in the Middle With You

Two cars stalled on the Pitt River Bridge resulted in only the middle lane being open for other drivers. 

Buses Gone Wild

Even the massive busses in Vancouver couldn’t make it through the intense storm. 

Other Busses Staying Totally Still

If the buses weren’t running into things then they went moving at all. This picture claims that six buses were sitting for an hour on Edmonds and Salisbury Avenue. 

All Hope Was Lost 

Even the snowplows didn’t know how to navigate the situation. What are we to do when even our heroes get stuck?

Cambie Street in Disarray

Cambie Street was a mess this past Sunday. One video shows cars literally bumper to bumper sliding through the streets with other crashes along the sidewalks. 

Good Samaritans Pull Through 

While everyone was busy getting their vehicles stuck, there were a handful of people out there trying to help.

According to one tweet, three strangers met on Cambie Street where they helped push vehicles out for a couple of hours. 

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