A massive piece of public art was unveiled in Vancouver on Wednesday, November 27. The work of art - a giant, spinning chandelier suspended beneath Granville Bridge in the city’s downtown - weighs a whopping 3,400 kilograms. Vancouver's  Spinning Chandelier was funded by local developer, Westbank Corp. and created by B.C. artist, Rodney Graham. Locals gathered under the bridge for the unveiling. Though it may be easy on the eyes, the massive $4.8 million price tag is getting criticism online.

According to the Vancouver Sun, the chandelier will spin twice a day at noon and 9 p.m. It lights up, rotates, and lowers closer to the ground during these times. The massive light is over 4 metres wide and almost 8 metres tall.

The project originally had a budget of $1.2 million, but after three years in the making, the cost eventually rose to $4.8 million.

Since the unveiling of Granville Street Bridge's new spectacle, several locals have spoken out online about the cost of the artwork. While one individual called it "tone-deaf," another referred to it as "giving poor folks the finger."

Though the project was funded by Westbank Corp. and not the City of Vancouver, many individuals are speaking out about the amount that was spent on the project while Vancouver is in the midst of a housing crisis.

"Apparently 4.8 million dollars is better spent on a Spinning Chandelier under the Granville Street bridge than helping the overwhelming homeless population in downtown Vancouver. No I am not joking. Unbelievable," wrote one Twitter user.

Another local spoke to the homeless individuals in the area, saying "there are homeless people living under this bridge. But thank God they have a 4 million dollar light. What a waste of money!"

"Now there's $5M that cld have given 100s of #Homeless treatment training & a warm bed!!" said another local, lamenting how the money could have been spent.

"I think at a time of desparate need for housing, $4.8 million on a chandelier definitely looks like giving poor folks the finger, no matter how well intentioned. City should have worked with developer to adjust requirement and direct to social housing," wrote Erin Denhoff in response to a tweet about the chandelier. 

Another response called it the "essence of how ridiculous this city has become."

The words "tone deaf" appeared in several conversations surrounding the new addition.

Though there's clearly a conversation emerging online about the cost of the new chandelier, some locals have posted about the new installation's beauty and charm.

"Got to see the new spinning chandelier under the Granville bridge today. It’s huge! What a fun thing!" one local wrote.

Though opinions vary regarding the new spectacle, it has officially arrived and is open for the public to see.

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