When returning home from vacation, many of us enjoy bringing home some small souvenirs to remind us of the adventure. However, one Canadian woman accidentally brought home an unwelcome souvenir after a venomous scorpion hitched a ride home with her in her suitcase. Since it's discovery, the scorpion has now given birth to twenty babies. 

Last month, Vancouver local Gail Hammond was in her kitchen when she noticed something on her floor. Upon further inspection, she was quick to discover that it was actually an alive scorpion that was scurrying around. Quickly capturing it in a plastic bin, Hammond told CBC that after trying to call exterminators who were going to charge her too much to dispose of the animal, she drove it to an animal hospital where it was determined that the scorpion was three to four months pregnant. 

Hammond's believes that the Scorpion, which has now been identified as a Heteroctenus Garridoi, traveled back in her suitcase after she returned home from a trip to Cuba and was living in her house unknown for about two weeks before she discovered it. 

After discovering that the scorpion was both pregnant and venomous, it was moved to the Victoria Bug Zoo where the staff was able to properly care for it over the past month. The staff has named the scorpion Gail, after the woman who discovered the creature and helped to bring it to its new home. 

On Wednesday, the Victoria Bug Zoo announced through Facebook that Gail the scorpion has officially given birth to her twenty babies and that she and the babies are both healthy and doing well.  

Since scorpions have live births and do not lay eggs, the babies are currently living on the mother's back and will continue to stay on her back until they are strong enough to fend for themselves. 

Victoria Bug Zoo describes the babies as looking like "bread rolls" as they hitch a ride on their mothers back for the next while. 

Once the babies are big enough, the zoo will separate them away from the mama. 

You can watch the full video from the Victoria Bug Zoo here. 

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