Victoria Animal Control Services dealt with a heartbreaking situation on Tuesday when they received a call after a Victoria kitten was abandoned and discovered in a trash can at a local mall. To make matters worse, it was also discovered that the kitten had meth in its system when it was rescued.

According to CTV, a maintenance worker discovered the kitten in a trash can at the Victoria Mall while they were working. The worker was about to empty the garbage bag and replace it when they noticed that a zipped-up hygiene bag was moving. Upon further inspection, it was discovered that a kitten was located inside of the bag. 

The kitten was rescued by the Victoria Animal Control Services where it was taken into veterinary care. The cat was dehydrated and tests were made after some ability issues became apparent. It was then that they discovered the kitten also had meth in its system. 

According to CTV it is unaware how the kitten ingested the drug. Victoria Animal Control Services officer Ian Fraser told CTV that it is unclear if the cat accidentally ingested the drug, or if someone intentionally fed it. 

Of course, when Canadians heard the news, they were heartbroken over the incident that occurred. 

Luckily, the Victoria Animal Control Services state that the kitten has improved enough that they were able to transfer her to Elk Lake Veterinary Hospital. The kitten is still not fully recovered, but she has already come a long way.

This isn't the first time that kittens have been abandoned in British Columbia. In April, the BC SPCA responded to a call where two newborn kittens were discovered in a dumpster in a parking lot in Vancouver. 

The two newborn kittens were found in a plastic bag and were suffering from hypothermia and dehydration. They were transferred to an emergency clinic but sadly, neither of the kittens made it. 

BC SPCA reminds pet owners that there a variety of options if a pet becomes unwanted. The BC SPCA and the Victoria Humane Society are always willing to take in new pets. 

If you have any information on the current case, Victoria Animal Control Services is asking you to call animal control at 1-250-414-0233. 


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