A shockingly close call was caught on video and it involved a Port Moody man almost getting crushed by his own SUV while launching his runaway boat. While the man is thankfully okay, his SUV is a little worse for wear. This is the kind of thing you have to see to believe and fortunately for you, someone was there to take a video of the entire incident. 

Yesterday on May 15, 2019, a Canadian man decided to go for a boat ride in Port Moody, British Columbia. What he didn’t expect was that both his SUV and the boat he was hauling were about to make a splash – literally. 

According to a video posted by Josh Bishop on Facebook, a man was launching his boat at Rocky Point. Bishop happened to be standing on a dock by the boat launch when it all went down and began filming the man. Thank goodness he did because what happened next is nothing short of a miracle.

In the video, you can see the man sitting inside his boat while he is attempting to launch it. The SUV door is visibly open, as if he meant to go back into the vehicle at some point. 

The SUV clearly had a different plan and it begins rolling backward. The sheer weight of both the vehicle and the boat make it launch pretty fast into the water, causing a huge splash.

It looks like the man can feel that he is on a runway boat and he leaps out to try and stop it. When he does, he nearly misses getting run over and crushed by his car. 

Watch the video below.

By the looks of it, the man literally just misses being crushed – even pulling his hand away from the rolling back tire at the very last minute. 

This is not the only video Bishop got. In a second video, you can see the boat in the water alongside the completely sunken SUV. At this point, a crowd of people has now gathered and is watching in disbelief. 

Port Moody Fire Rescue were called to the scene to assist and the boost launch was closed down. They tweeted out several pictures of the sunken SUV and boat with the hashtag #BadDayAllAround.

According to the Vancouver Sun, the man sustained only minor injuries, which is incredibly surprising. 

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