We all know that many Vancouver drivers can be crazy. However, not all accidents are the fault of the driver. Recently, a dash cam captured a video of a Vancouver pedestrian trying to make it look like he got hit by a car allegedly in order to make some money on an insurance claim. The video has since been posted online and it is seriously surprising. 

Dash cams have caught some pretty bizarre things. From near misses to cars using the bike lane to drive in, dash cam footage can be a great example of what not to do as a driver. 

One Reddit user recently posted yet another example of what not to do on the roads, but this time it’s for pedestrians. According to the video posted yesterday on May 14, 2019, some people are actually trying to get hit by vehicles just to fake an insurance claim and earn some money. 

One Reddit user was able to capture the incident on their own dash cam and has since posted it online as a warning to other fellow drivers. According to the comment section, the Reddit user claimed that this instance took place at around 8:30 PM on Kingsway and Tyne.

In the video, you can see the driver slow down once they see a man in the middle of the street. However, once the guy is out of the lane, he walks back and attempts to get hit by the driver.

Watch the video of it below.

Apparently, this is not the first time this particular man has done this as the Reddit user claimed to have seen the man walking back and forth in traffic several times before. 

“Guy was walking back and forth in traffic. He just started walking to the other side with a smile after I honked at him,” wrote the Reddit user in the comment section.

The Reddit user has speculated that this was a poor and dangerous attempt at a fake insurance claim. As a way to ensure no other drivers encounter this problem, the Reddit user is considering sending the video to ICBC. 

One comment was quick to point out that Kingsway is a dangerous and busy section, and getting hit on that street may result in not just injuries, but death. 

Faking an insurance claim is not necessarily anything new. There are thousands of videos online of people catching fraudsters on dashcam risking their lives in order to get a little insurance money. 

Back in October 2017, ICBC received a call saying a man had fractured his foot after being pinned under a vehicle in a Lower Mainland parking lot.

ICBC actually received security footage of the incident and it turned out that it was all staged. The man involved actually can be seen laying himself down on the ground after a collision between two vehicles occurred.

Based on these recent incidents, it looks like it might be time for many of us to get a dashcam! 

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