With everyone staying indoors, things have gotten a little quiet. But luckily, there's lots to look at out there in the ocean. Killer whales have been spotted close to the shore recently and they are sure a sight for sore eyes. Videos of killer whales in Vancouver have now been posted online and seeing the elusive creatures up close is so mesmerizing.  

While humans are inside, the animals have got free rein of the usually packed local areas. 

According to several videos and photos posted online, killer whales made their way over to Vancouver on the weekend. 

The images capture both adults and babies swimming in a pod and taking full advantage of the calm water in the Indian Arm.

Jim Hanson, a local who spotted the wonderous sight, spoke with CBC News about his encounter, stating that he was at the northern part of the Indian Arm when he heard “the puff of a whale.”

At first, Hanson disregarded the sound since he had never come across a whale in that area in 59 years. 

It wasn’t until his son spotted the killer whales that Hanson was convinced and the two rushed down to the water to check them out. 

Hanson claims it was a mother, father, and two babies swimming and enjoying the calm open water. 

He took pictures of his whale watching encounter and posted them on Twitter. 

“Apparently the natural world likes the economic slow down.  Saw a pod of four Orca whales in Indian Arm yesterday.  First time in my 59 years I have seen whales this far up the Arm,” he wrote. 

The image shows one massive whale breached and breathing through their blowhole.

But it wasn’t just Hanson that got a front-row seat to the show. Other videos also shot along the Indian Arm show the pod breaching in and out of the water. 

You can even see little baby fins between the two adults. 

In addition to the Indian Arm visit, a killer whale was spotted near the floatplane terminal in Vancouver. 

Whale sightings in Vancouver don't happen every day but they do happen from time to time. Over the summer, there were two rare whale sightings caught on camera that were breathtaking. 

Even a rare white orca was once spotted off the coast of Vancouver Island. 

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