One burger fan really wanted their mustard and they were willing to fight for it — literally. A Wendy's was attacked in B.C. by an angry customer because workers reportedly forgot to put mustard on his burger. Police were called as the man smashed a plexiglass barrier violently and tore it right off the wall.

On Tuesday, June 2 close to 9 p.m., RCMP got a call from the local Wendy's restaurant near Victoria, B.C. in the community of Colwood.

RCMP said in a statement that after he received his order, a rampage began. He then stepped out of his car, and walked up to the drive-thru's window.

Then, he began yelling at Wendy's staff and was furious. According to staff, the reason why he was so livid was that "they had forgotten to put mustard on his burger," reads the RCMP statement.

"Before leaving, the suspect threw the plexi glass barrier underneath another vehicle in the parking lot," said Cst. Nancy Saggar.

None of the staff were injured in the encounter, read the release, but they did call the police.

When the cops got there, the man was gone and he was last seen driving away in a blue or grey Toyota Matrix hatchback.

Police describe the condiment-loving suspect as a Caucasian man in his 50s, wearing jeans and a plaid overcoat. He is "bald with a reddish brown beard," and has a medium build.

If you've seen this man or have any information about the incident, give police a call at 250-474-2264. You can also report anonymously through Crime Stoppers online or through 1-800-222-8477.

Burger-related crimes in Canada happen more often than you might think. In Alberta, would-be burger-lovers in Canada stole hundreds of pounds of ground beef earlier in 2020.

But who knows. Maybe the man just really likes mustard. Is that a crime? Maybe not, but it's the violent rampage that has police searching for their suspect.

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