Now that it's officially winter, we dare to ask that tricky question: will it snow in Vancouver? It's usually 50/50 if our coastal city will get hit by white flakes and we have a love-hate relationship. While we love to see our city sparkling in the sun under a crisp blanket of snow, we're so unaccustomed to it that it usually means nightmare commutes wet socks.

It looks like we'll actually get some snow coming up on the weekend of Friday, January 10 to Sunday, January 12. 

Multiple weather outlets are reporting that the temperature will be dropping down later this week. The closer we get to zero and below, the greater the chance of us seeing flakes.

Don't put away your Aritzia puff jackets just yet, Vancouver. Even though we've had a pretty mild winter so far, we still have a long way to go before the cherry blossoms come.

It's been so wet in Vancouver lately that a chance of snow could actually lift our spirits. 

Environment Canada's forecast for the week ahead will put a smile on the face of anyone who wanted to have a white Christmas but was totally denied.

If the city gets hit hard by our first real snowfall, then you might want to even take a day off work to enjoy it all before it melts.

At the start of the week on Monday, January 6 it is still forecasted to be rainy and wet for a couple of days — you can see the temperature dropping lower and lower, especially in the evenings.

On Friday, January 10 things could start to get blustery. At night, it's expected to get down to just one degree.

Depending on how cold it gets over the weekend, we could be looking at snow, especially on Sunday.

Right now, it looks like snow mixed with rain but if the temperature drops below zero, we're going to see snow start to accumulate.

Whether you hate snow or can't wait for it to come, Vancouver is likely to see the magical white stuff soon. 

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