Hey Vancouver drivers, we have some tips for you. Driving in this city can be tough, and there's nothing worse than coming back to your car and finding a cool $70 fine slapped onto the already expensive metre fee.

Want to know where you're most likely to get a parking ticket in Vancouver? CBC's Marketplace thankfully crunched some numbers (analyzing 15 million tickets over five years!) and figured out where and why drivers across Canadian cities get ticketed the most.

The results? The worst one-block stretch in Vancouver to park your car in is: 800 Homer St. With 2942 tickets handed out in 2015 alone, you might want to think twice before hopping out of your car with a near-empty metre.

As you might expect, most of the top ticketed spots were in the downtown core, surrounding the Vancouver Art Gallery, Canada Place, and other main attractions.

Outside of downtown, the most ticketed block for 8 years straight was the 500-block of West 8th Avenue, just by Vancouver's City Hall - and, as reported by CBC, importantly just between a BCL and a Whole Foods. CBC points out: "two of the 10 most ticketed locations last year were right across the street from a Whole Foods Market."

Maybe Vancouverites ought to spend less money on organic groceries and more money on plugging our parking metres. Check out this interactive map for more targeted spots - with 392,636 tickets issued in Vancouver last year, your chances of landing an unfortunate parking ticket might be higher than you think!

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