If you've been looking for a change of career, aren't sure what to do for work, or need to save up money but don't have much experience, there's a job opportunity that may be right for you. Times can be tough in the job market so we're hoping this might be able to help you out if you're feeling stuck. 

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You can become a "Transit Operator" without any prior experience. Plus, this public transportation company is also currently hiring and looking to hire 400 to 500 new public bus drivers. Translink, a BC public transportation company in Vancouver, is looking to hire new drivers for their expansion. But there's also an option for people looking to move to Toronto!

The TTC in Toronto is also hiring bus drivers if you're not in the Vancouver area. They are looking to hire transit operators, which are drivers, for the public transportation system in Toronto and also do not require prior experience or even a college degree. You can look at their full list of qualifications here, but mainly you just need a non-probationary Ontario driver's license and high school diploma. 

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If you become a bus driver for Translink, you can end up making up to $63,000 a year, according to the companyAs a Conventional Transit Operator, which is a driver for the bigger-sized buses that you typically take or see around Vancouver, you would also get several benefits, including medical, dental, and vision benefits, paid vacation, a pension plan and paid training. As a trainee, you start off making $22.53 an hour, and that wage continues to increase every eight months thereafter, eventually reaching $32.19 an hour. 

As for the bus drivers for the TTC, you end up making a similar wage. The starting pay is $26.10 (after successfully completing training) and eventually reaches $34.07 per hour after 2 years. You also get several benefits such as Healthcare and Dental plans, Group Life Insurance and a Pension Plan. 

The position with Translink is a full-time gig with a guaranteed 37.5 hours of work a week. However, bus drivers will need to work different types of shifts, such as early straight shifts, mid runs, owls and split shifts. 

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You don't need any bus driving experience or even a university degree in order to be a public bus driver in Vancouver. All you need to become a Conventional Bus or Community Shuttle Operator with Translink are the following qualifications, as stated on their website

  • A Canadian citizen or a Permanent Resident.
  • Legally entitled to work in Canada.
  • Able to understand, speak, read, and write English in order to learn the training materials, communicate effectively with customers, and write reports on incidents involving safety.
  • Willing to work various types of shifts.
  • Able to pass a medical examination.
  • Acceptable attendance record at work (absenteeism/lateness).
  • Basic computer and internet literacy in order to complete the mandatory training component.

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These are pretty basic qualities that many Canadians possess. On top of this, you will also need a safe driving record and you need a valid driver's license. You can check out some of the driving qualifications needed on the Translink website here. 

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Please keep in mind that "if you already have 1 at-fault accident when you apply and you receive either an additional at-fault accident or an outstanding accident during the recruitment process, your application will no longer be considered", according to Translink's website

If you aren't interested in driving, there are other opportunities currently available with the public transit company in Vancouver. You can check out the positions here

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For more information on the position in Vancouver or to begin the application process, visit Translink's careers page on their website here

For more information on the position in Toronto or to begin the application process, visit TTC's careers page on their website here

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