People might not have been familiar with Canadian tennis star Vasek Pospisil before this week. However, he certainly made an impression during a match on February 9 when he just straight up drank maple syrup on the sidelines. Now he's thinking that he could set an example for the next Tim Hortons trend.

It started with a tweet from Pospisil himself, who wrote that the delicious Canadian staple is the "Best Sports performance drink." He also wrote that it is "shockingly good in coffee," as well as being "a great friend."

That prompted two radio hosts from 98.3 Fly FM in Kingston to post a video of themselves ordering "Vasek Pospisil" coffees (however they opted to get them from McDonald's).

The verdict? According to one host, "he's totally right." 

"I thought it was going to be too sweet or something," the host added, "the coffee kind of brings the bitterness, it's really good."

Meanwhile, the other host added that doing it with cream is also delicious, right before chugging a small container of maple syrup on its own.

Pospisil himself shared the tweet on his feed, adding "Make sure you get your “Vasek Pospisil” Coffees at your local
@TimHortons 😂 #ReidandBen @983FLYFM."

Some Twitter users responded saying that this idea isn't a new one and that they've already been adding maple syrup to their coffee.

"Dude, I drink it in my coffee every morning, and I live in Texas. It’s the best," said @Matt_Lawson21.

"I've been putting a level teaspoon of maple syrup in my coffee for years. It's delicious," replied Beelzibub6661.

The radio hosts also caught some flack for not ordering their coffees at Tim Hortons, but brought up a very good point.

"Do you guys even have maple syrup?" they asked.

The original Twitter user didn't have an answer and said they would check.

No matter how you get it, it seems the answer is clear: adding maple syrup to coffee really could be the next great trend.

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