If you've happened to purchase some meatless burgers from Loblaws recently, you might want to double-check the packaging, as a vegan burger recall has been issued due to traces of wood.

Certain packages of PC Plant-Based Beefless Undeniable Burgers have been recalled by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency due to traces of what is referred to officially as "extraneous material."


different products were affected by the recall.

Unlike veggie burgers, these particular patties, much like the Beyond Meat products that have gained popularity, are made with a variety of ingredients used to simulate the flavour and texture of actual meat.

These include pea protein, beet powder, and yeast extract, all of which are used in the making of PC Undeniable burgers.

If you have any 452g or 226g packages with best before dates of January 29, February 9, or February 12, 2021, do not use the product.

Via Canadian Food Inspection Agency
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