Travelling over the holidays can often mean disruptions and delays and some Canadians are having quite the train trip these past few days. A VIA Rail train delay has service running 41 hours behind schedule because of mechanical issues. While nobody wants to be stuck on a train and delayed for almost two days, finally arriving at the destination will be so much sweeter now.

Nothing in this world is perfect, especially not transportation. Whether you're driving, flying or travelling by rail, delays in your journey are sometimes things you just have to deal with.

The VIA Rail train headed from Toronto to Vancouver is running 41 hours behind schedule as of December 21 and the trip has turned into quite the adventure for passengers and crew members.

The train left Toronto at 9:45 a.m. on December 18 and was expected to arrive in Vancouver at 8 a.m. on December 22.

The Toronto-Vancouver route makes stops in major cities like Winnipeg, Saskatoon, and Edmonton and other locations along the way. 

On this trip, everything was going according to plan until the train had some mechanical issues before it even got out of Ontario. On the same day that the train left Toronto, it was stopped in Sudbury because of those issues.

It's on the move now but the train is still so behind schedule.

"The crew is ensuring the comfort and security of all 150 passengers on board until the train gets to its final destination," VIA Rail said in a statement to Narcity.

Nobody wants to be stranded on a train for hours on end as the holidays approach, but VIA Rail is making all efforts to accommodate passengers who are on the train.

"All our staff is dedicated to doing their very best to support our customers during this busy holiday period," said the passenger rail service.

The train is moving through Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta before it gets to its final destination in B.C. with 34 stops along the entire route.

Since the train will leave from Vancouver and head back to Toronto, that departure time could also be delayed because of the mechanical issues.

Staff is also making an effort to accommodate people who are supposed to be travelling on the train when it departs from Vancouver. 

Here's hoping for a holiday miracle so the train can make up some time along the way. 

But on the bright side, being stuck on a train in the winter sounds like the start to a really cheesy holiday rom-com so who knows what will come from this. 

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