Apparently faking sick doesn't stop when grade school does. According to police in Victoria, B.C., two men lied about having COVID-19 to stay at an Airbnb for free. As a result of this Victoria COVID-19 scam, the two have since been arrested. Unfortunately, this is not the first time this has happened. 

The Victoria police have released a report stating that two men in the area have been a part of a pandemic-related scam. 

The public press statement claims that on Saturday, March 28, officers were called to a multi-unit residential building in the 600-block of Herald Street.  

The owner of the place was suspicious that their Airbnb guest did not have the COVID-19 symptoms that they claimed. 

According to the report, the guest refused to leave the unit and told the host that they were COVID-19 positive and were experiencing severe symptoms. 

Initially, the unit owner allowed the guests to remain there for free. Later on, the hosts became suspicious upon learning that the man had been seen leaving the building. 

Victoria police were called and were able to locate the man. Upon finding him, it was allegedly clear that he was not diagnosed with coronavirus nor did he show any symptoms. 

Officers escorted the man back to the Airbnb to retrieve his belongings. When they got there, they realized that there was a second man in the unit. 

This second man was wanted on warrants alongside several thousand dollars worth of stolen property. 

The two men allegedly denied any knowledge of the property in question which was then seized by police. 

Both were arrested and the man with warrants was transported to Saanich Police Department. 

The investigation is ongoing and the police are currently in the process of returning the stolen property. 

Narcity has reached out to Airbnb for comment and we will update this story when we receive a response.

COVID-19 scams are not unfamiliar to the local police. The unit even released a warning to all Airbnb owners that scammers were attempting to take advantage of the pandemic. 

All over Canada, people are coming up with coronavirus scams that range from posing as Red Cross workers to issuing fake COVID-19 lab tests. Because it's difficult to decipher if someone has symptoms like they claim, calling your local law enforcement officials is the best plan of action. 

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