Fireworks, but make them virtual and low-key. May 24 weekend is just a few days away and many provincial cities are tightening the ropes on personal use of fireworks for the upcoming holiday. Although some cities are prepared to go on pretty much as scheduled, others are banning use for this year, issuing fines and offering online options to enjoy Victoria Day fireworks in Ontario.

If you had hoped Victoria Day 2020 would be similar to last year's celebrations, you might want a rethink.

Despite Premier Doug Ford telling Ontarians that they'll be able to go outside during May 24 weekend, that doesn't mean they'll be able to actually celebrate outside, per se.

Ford has reminded us that it won't be the usual "party weekend" this year. For example, while you can visit your cottages, don't bring your friends or your wider family.

To add to that, it seems like we're up for a rainy long-weekend despite the upcoming warm summer-like weather expected to hit the region next week.

Even though the province has seen a major decrease in new cases since March, that doesn't mean the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

Social distancing measures are still in effect, especially during big public celebrations like the May 24 holiday.

So, if you're wondering how you can safely celebrate in your city this weekend, here's a list of the dos and don'ts from spots that have shared their Victoria Day plans.


Don't expect to see bright lights hit the sky in Brampton. The city does plan to host virtual fireworks and create family-friendly activities online, though, and is even offering takeout options.

Their virtual show will start with a 10-minute countdown before the 8 p.m. show. As for your own fireworks, short-range ones are allowed without a permit but other rocket types are banned.


The city of London is offering a fireworks display through an app but if you hoped to have your own backyard display, you still totally can.

According to CTV News, as long as you maintain social distancing, an at-home show is okay to have. Firework stores are offering curbside pickup for the big day.


In Newmarket, if you're found improperly using fireworks, you could face a $600 fine. According to YorkRegion, though, you can use fireworks on your own property if the front of your property is a minimum of 18 metres wide. If you have a landlord, you need their permission to do so.

Oh, and you can only legally light fireworks from May 17 to May 19.


Aurora has similar rules for firework displays. Their fines for improper use start at $105 and the city is urging people to commit to social distancing efforts.

Aurora residents are only allowed to light them up on May 18 and 19 from dusk to 11 p.m., according to Newmarkettoday.


Hamilton residents are actually not allowed to have fireworks at all to celebrate Victoria Day this year because they're now banned until July.

The city has enforced the ban in parks and backyards until after July 4, but you can see a virtual show this weekend by the local Rotary Club.


Ottawa residents are able to set off a fireworks display from May 17 to 19 but according to CTV News, Ottawa Public Health recommends that physical distancing must be ensured if you plan to celebrate.

But nearby Pembroke residents are not allowed to set them off at all due to the pandemic, so it could be worse!


According to the City of Kingston, all of their festivities and fireworks are cancelled this year due to the pandemic.

There's no word if they plan to host virtual festivities.


All Victoria Day events and fireworks in the 6ix are officially cancelled, according to

If you own a private property in Toronto, you can normally set off fireworks on Victoria Day without a permit but if you plan to do so, make sure social distancing measures are ensured. 


Fireworks in Mississauga are cancelled and if you planned to buy some, the sale and use are banned. If anyone is caught disobeying the bylaw during the pandemic, they can face a fine of up to $5,000, according to

The city will host a virtual display of fireworks from last year's event.


In Vaughan, you're able to set off fireworks on your own property and not on city-owned roads, parks and fields.

Although the city hasn't shared details on a potential virtual display, you can also enjoy Canada's Wonderland virtual show for this weekend.

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