As Canadians, we've become accustomed to spotting Canadian Geese in the weirdest places. Whether the goose is in the middle of the road or in the parking lot of your favourite fast food joint, they seem to be following your every move. One Canadian actually spotted a family of Canada geese inside a shopping mall, and Canadians just can't seem to get enough of it. 

That's right, just when we thought the indoors was a safe place from the flocks of Canada geese, one family managed to sneak into a shopping mall and roam the aisles with other shoppers. One Twitter user caught a video of the mamma and papa birds with their two babies roaming through the aisles of a shopping centre in British Columbia. 

In pure cuteness, you can watch the two baby geese attempting to walk on the slippery tile of the mall as the two older geese wait patiently from them to continue on their journey. Onlookers seem to be keeping their distance, which is probably a smart idea since we know how vicious these birds can get. 

The caption of the tweet reads, "In Canada, we don't have mallrats..." indicating that Canadian geese are the equivalent to rats in other parts of the world. Twitter users seem to completely agree with this statement and can't seem to get enough of the video that was posted earlier today. 

Many Canadians found the scene adorable, commenting on the cuteness of the birds and how utterly Canadian this scene actually is. 

Yet other users seemed to be terrified of the scene that they were watching. While geese look cuddly and cute from a distance any true Canadian knows that these creatures have the tendency of becoming vicious and evil within a matter of seconds. Many Canadians reflected that this scene was actually one of horror through their response tweets. 

Maybe the users who seem to be more on the cautious side of this video have the right idea. Last summer, Narcity reported on a viral video of a Canadian goose that ended up completely attacking a guy who was attempting to help a baby goose get off the side of the road. 

While Canadian geese may be apart of our everyday life, they are not something that you want to mess with, especially when their babies are involved. 

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