It hasn't been an easy night for Canada’s Prime Minister, after several photos and video of Justin Trudeau wearing “brownface” went viral overnight. The first image was publicized by TIME magazine on Wednesday evening, which was followed by the publication of an additional image on Twitter and then a video, shared by Global News on Thursday morning. Andrew Scheer has now revealed that Trudeau’s brownface video was initially brought to the Conservative Party, and it was them who turned it over to Global News.

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday morning, Andrew Scheer admitted to reporters that the Conservative Party had already seen the video of Trudeau wearing brownface, prior to Global News' publication of it. He explained, “I can say, as it relates to the video, that a concerned individual who did see this video did bring it to our campaign.”

Scheer went on to confirm, “Our campaign turned it over to a responsible news outlet for verification.”

While Scheer did confirm to reporters that the Conservative Party had been made aware of the Trudeau video prior to publication, he claims that he had not seen it himself until Thursday morning.

He added that he did not know when exactly his team had seen the clip of Trudeau in brownface, and he did not know when Global News obtained the footage from the CPC.

While it is clear that many Canadians are disappointed in the Prime Minister, several people took to social media to also call out the Conservatives for their role in leaking the video. One Twitter user responded to the news that the CPC handed over the video to Global by saying, “Interesting. Scheer has a shit week and they release this.”

Another Canadian had similar feelings, writing, “Andrew Scheer is nothing but a crude 3rd rate political opportunist, a pompous ass with a righteous expression of fake 'disappointment' one can [hear] chuckles chuckle from NFLDL to the western tip of VC Island. For him it’s a ‘got you moment.’”

Following Scheer’s revelation that the Trudeau video had come from the Conservative Party prior to publication, a number of Canadians took to Twitter to express how un-surprised they were at this news.

One Twitter user wrote, "The cons are about as subtle as a brick to the head."

Another simply said, "Of course they did!"

It remains to be seen how this latest update in the Trudeau - brownface scandal will be interpreted by Canadian voters.

Voters will have their say on October 21, when polls open for the 43rd Canadian federal election.

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