Prepare yourself for possibly the cutest proposal story of 2019 so far. Someone in Kelowna, BC actually proposed at a drive-in movie theatre and the video is going viral. Thankfully, the soon-to-be fiancé thought ahead and made sure to get the entire thing on video for our viewing pleasure. It’s beyond perfect.

People often dream about the perfect proposal. While many of us are unsure about how we would want someone to pop the question, one BC man knew exactly what to do after meeting his soulmate. 

Rally Tarjan is a BC resident with the cutest proposal story. On May 18, 2019, Rally proposed to his now fiancé Jade. Although the couple has not been dating long, sometimes when you know, you know. 

About nine months ago, the two met while attending a drive-in movie in Enderby, BC with a group of friends. Two weeks later, the love-struck Rally asked out Jade and she said yes! 

Ever since then, this fairytale couple has been together and conquering the world. Rally, being a romantic, told Narcity in an interview, that he knew almost instantly that she was the one.

You can watch the entire proposal video on Facebook.

Trust me, you’ll definitely want to. Since it was posted, it has gotten over 12,000 views already and hundreds of likes. 

“It all started 6 months ago, I knew she was going to be my wife and wanted to do something special for her. I wanted her to see how important she is to me,” said Rally to Narcity. So he started planning. 

Rally knew he wanted to incorporate the classic Starlight drive-in theatre as that is where they first met. He thought that doing it on their 9 month anniversary was the perfect time and it turns out he was right.

In order to pull off the surprise of a lifetime, Rally needed an original song, a recording studio, a bunch of photos, a professional photographer, the employees of the drive-in, and about 40 friends. 

The proposal was adorable and everything was caught on video. In order to make it possible, Rally recorded a song that he wrote just for Jade. The lyrics talk about their first date at the drive-in and how nervous he was to see Jade. He then used that song to put together a photo slideshow of the two of them that played on the big screen for everyone to see.

When Rally sings “will you marry me” you can see him go down on one knee. In the video, you can see the overjoyed Jade says yes through tears. Cheers and honking can be heard all over the drive-in when she gave her answer.

After putting the ring on her finger, Jade turns around to see 40 of their closest friends and family watching the entire thing happen.


The moment is like something from a movie, so it's very fitting that is was done at a drive-in theatre. “She was very happy with everything and we plan on getting married August 17,” said Rally.

If this is what Rally did just for the proposal, we can’t wait to see what he has planned for the wedding! Congratulations to the new couple.

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