First, there was "chair girl", now there's "sign boy". You'd think after the last incident, people would avoid this dangerous and illegal prank (and filming it) at all costs, but apparently, that's not the case with this guy. A viral video of a kid throwing a sign onto a Toronto highway is making its rounds on the internet.

The person in the video is holding a "Right Lane Exits" sign, typically used for construction work. He is filmed throwing it from a bridge above Peel Regional Rd 19, overlooking the Queen Elizabeth Highway in Oakville. The short three-second Snapchat clip shows the person carelessly throwing it over the highway, laughing.

Halton Police tells Narcity that they are aware of the video and are looking into the matter. However, they do not have more information to disclose at this time as it is currently under investigation.

The video itself blocks information that could potentially incriminate the person in question, and the individual's name has not been made public.

Here's what some people have to say about the concerning video:

In February of this year, Marcella Zoia - infamously known as "chair girl" - was caught on video throwing a chair over a high-rise balcony in Toronto, overlooking York Street and Harbour Street.

Zoia is now facing charges, including mischief endangering life, mischief to damage of property over $5000 and common nuisance. Zoia's court date is set for Aug. 29, 2019.


It appears that, once again, someone in Toronto is putting innocent lives in danger just to prove how reckless they are. Looks like "sign boy" has a lot of explaining to do.

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