An Uber driver went off on Drake last night, calling him a "f*cking idiot" after Drake's driver swiped the Uber in a parking lot outside of a bar in Los Angeles. The whole incident was caught on video, and Drake looked pretty uncomfortable during the altercation.

Drake was reportedly on his way inside the West Hollywood bar when the Uber driver started screaming at him. Drake stops and turns around immediately, completely stonefaced. 

@champagnepapiembedded via  

Drake's driver and the Uber driver got out of their cars to assess the damage with a flashlight, as Drake stood a good distance away from them. He slowly approached the scene as the Uber driver continued to throw a fit, accusing Drake's driver of not paying attention.

Allegedly, Drake's driver swung the door open and dinged the side of the Uber as the rapper was getting dropped off. The fight escalated, and the Uber driver even called the cops.

The camera zoomed in on Drake and his security guard, who appeared to be laughing the whole thing off. They ditched the scene and went inside, leaving the driver to fend for himself.

Luckily, neither Drake nor his driver got in any trouble with the cops. The officers didn't even take a report because what happened wasn't a crime. Maybe the Uber driver was trying to leverage Drake's starpower to make some money from the damage - thankfully, it didn't work out.

Source: TMZ

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