We’ve all heard stories of people who have left their dog in a hot car, and a stranger breaking the window open to save the animal.

This is similar to those stories, except for the fact that the dog was rescued without the window being broken. The rescue mission happened outside of a Canadian Tire in Guelph, Ontario.

Despite the window remaining intact, the owner still got mad enough to threaten to call the cops anyway. 

Via Connor Beebe

A video posted on Facebook shows a dog that was pulled out of what is said to be a very hot car in a Canadian Tire parking lot by two people.

The people talking in the video can be heard talking about how hot the dashboard in the car is and how much the dog is panting from the heat.

According to the post on Facebook, the couple was with the dog for at least five minutes before the owner arrived.  

Via Conner Beebe

The video doesn’t show the actual rescue of the dog. But, about 30 seconds into the video, the owner of the dog arrives on the scene and grabs the dogs leash from its rescuers.

The owner claims that the dog was sweating and panting because it had just been out for a run.

The owner then becomes visibly agitated, telling the pair that he’s going to have them arrested and charged for trespassing. 

Via Conner Beebe

He then walks away, but turns and runs towards them seconds later yelling, “I’ve had enough of this!"

“You’ve messed with the wrong f**king person,” he can be heard shouting.

The video ends with the man turning around and heading into the Canadian Tire with his dog while someone phones the police.

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