When you think of winter you probably think of snowstorms, blizzards, sleet, freezing rain and probably more weather conditions that come along during the season. But have you ever thought of ice crystals? This weather phenomenon in Canada makes it look like sparkling crystals are suspended in the air.

Sometimes, winter weather in this country can be dangerous, like a storm that brings 20 centimetres of snow or more than 75 centimetres

However, the snowy season can also be really beautiful and bring unique weather like ice crystals that float through the sky.

On January 21, the shimmering snow pieces were observed in Iqaluit and reported by Environment Canada.

These tiny specs of ice are so small that they look like they are floating in the air and not even moving. 

Also known as diamond dust, this phenomenon happens on clear, cold days when there isn't enough moisture to form clouds but just enough to create crystals.

"When the temperature gets cold enough is when we see these ice crystals coming out of the sky," Terri Lange, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, told Narcity.

So when it's absolutely frigid outside, even the smallest amount of moisture freezes and falls from a cloudless sky.

You can usually see these tiny specs of ice floating when the temperature dips to around -25 C, Lange said.

So for parts of Canada where the winter doesn't get that cold, you won't be able to see this phenomenon.

However, even when it gets cold, you really need to keep your eyes open because of how tiny they are.

"If you're not paying attention and you're not really looking at it, you'll miss it," said Lange. 

According to the World Meterogolocial Organization, you can see the shimmering pieces the best when they sparkle in the sunlight.

Just about anything can cause this icy diamond dust to form.

It could be moisture from open rivers or other waterways, houses with their furnaces on and even a jet coming into an airport.

That liquid automatically turns into the cold crystals that you can see. 

"It's actually a very cool phenomenon to have crystals falling out of the sky but no clouds," said Lange.

If you're lucky, these little pieces of ice in the sky could also form another phenomenon.

As they reflect the sunlight and sparkle, you might catch a glimpse of an incredible halo around the sun which is known as a sun dog. So if you are in Iqaluit today, keep your eyes to the skies. 

*Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only. 

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