We're going to go ahead and blame anyone who has had the audacity to dream of a white Christmas as it looks like several Canadian provinces will be getting hit with snowstorms this week. Environment Canada has started dishing out those all-too-familiar extreme weather warnings.  

From snowfall warnings in parts of B.C. to extreme cold in Quebec and some serious snow in Nova Scotia, we should probably just call this an indoor week. 

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Snowfall warnings are issued when significant snowfall is expected.

Environment Canada

Parts of Nova Scotia are being told to brace for up to 25 centimetres of snow by Friday morning, December 18. 

Some parts of the province are also calling for wind gusts up to 80 kilometres per hour. 

A good portion of B.C. is also under a snowfall warning, though they're only expected to get a maximum of 15 centimetres. 

The southern parts of Quebec can look forward to extreme cold as low as -40 C while the north can expect blizzards. 

Nunavut and Northwest Territories will also be experiencing extreme cold.

Somehow, Alberta only has a weather warning in one region with about 15 centimetres of snow expected by Thursday afternoon.  

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