That’s a lot of people! One couple managed to invite thousands of guests to their wedding in Malaysia — without actually breaking any social distancing rules.

While local guidelines would have limited their guest list to just 20 people, this Putrajaya-based duo managed to find an interesting workaround.

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Instead of limiting their guest list or cancelling the event, the couple decided to have a drive-thru wedding celebration, according to BBC News.

Instead of a traditional ceremony, groom Tengku Muhammed Hafiz and bride Oceane Alagia sat outside a grand government building while their friends and family slowly drove past in their vehicles.

All car windows remained rolled up during the event and the wedding party simply waved from a distance to those who came by.

While usual celebrations were off the table, drive-thru guests were offered a meal. However, it was pre-packed and only offered through the car window.

Tengku Adnan, the groom’s father, is a high-profile politician and former cabinet minister in the country.

Sharing photos of the celebrations on Facebook, he estimated that more than 10,000 cars had stopped by to wave to the new couple.

"Me and my family are very honoured,” he wrote. “Thank you all for understanding and adhering to all procedures made by drive-thru attendance without getting out of the car."

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