Get ready for one intense story. Over the weekend, in BC, West Kelowna man escaped police in a Walmart parking lot by ramming into two cop vehicles. Police feared for their safety and used their guns during the incident. The whole story is wild, so buckle in. 

On June 1, 2019, West Kelowna RCMP officers attended a Walmart Superstore at around 3:44 PM after a public sighting of one of Central Okanagan Crime Stoppers' most wanted men. 

Several RCMP officers attended the scene as the 32-year-old West Kelowna man was departing in a teal green Ford F150 pickup truck. 

According to a press release sent in an email to Narcity, the man was previously known to police and because of this, they knew he had a habit of trying to flee. Uniformed officers attempted to conduct a high-risk traffic stop by using marked and unmarked police cars to box in the truck. 

The wanted man lived up to his reputation and tried to get away by ramming into two of the police cars! During the escape, he pushed one of the vehicles into a bystander's car, causing minor damages. 

This isn’t where the craziness ends. The suspect allegedly then drove at a high rate of speed towards one of the officers who had just exited their vehicle on foot!

The officer's partner was worried for their life and decided to discharge their firearm. According to RCMP, the round is believed to have struck the driver side of the Ford truck. 

According to KelownaNow, one witness heard the gunshot when she pulled into the Walmart parking lot at around 4 PM. She then saw a “commotion” near the garden centre entrance. 

At the time, the garden centre entrance was tapped off, however, the other entrance at the opposite end remained opened for customers. 

While shopping returned to normal for bystanders, the man fled the Louie Drive area. With erratic and dangerous driving, the suspect left the scene causing multiple police reports of reckless driving along Highway 97 towards Kelowna.

The last confirmed sighting of the vehicle was on Westside Road. That roadway was temporarily closed so that police could conduct a search of the suspect. 

Police have come forward to identify the suspect as 32-year-old Dayton Lloyd McAlpine. According to Crime Stoppers, McAlpine is around five feet, eight inches tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. As of May 29, 2019, he was wanted on a BC-wide warrant of arrest for theft under $5,000. 

Police are still actively searching for McAlpine. 

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