If you have ever been in a long distance relationship, travelled far away from home, or had lengthy periods of time away from your family, you will understand how lonely it can be without them. It can be particularly painful if you, or your loved one, is travelling around a lot and you are unable to communicate with them directly for long periods of time. A new smart home product, WestJet's Flight Light is wanting to change that. 

In a shocking twist for the company, Canadian airline, WestJet, has created a device that will allow the families of travellers to watch their loved one’s flight in real-time.  The ‘flight light’ will also show families at home where the aeroplane is, and how far away it is from ‘home’.

The smart nightlight works by using live WestJet flight data to project the flight path of a loved one onto your bedroom ceiling. You simply enter the passenger’s flight number into the  Flight Light App, which was designed specifically for the new device, and this will provide the light with live data of the flight. Not only will arrival and departure times be availabe, but users will be able to send messages and emojis directly through to the Flight Light which will be projected in real-time onto the ceiling.

If that wasn’t sweet enough, when the live flight data is being projected onto the wall, there will be a backdrop of ‘starlight’ and the device will vibrate when the passenger has landed. The Flight Light will also have day-to-day uses, as the base of the device will function as a common night-light and a detachable, aeroplane-shaped flashlight will also be functional.

The device was primarily created for children whose parents are frequent flyers or who must travel for business, but the concept is transferable across numerous relationships, including long-distance partners and family members who are travelling on gap years.

Richard Bartem, Vice-President of Marketing Communications at WestJet, said that “...with Flight Light we hope to bring more comfort and joy to parents and their children during their travel journeys. Being away from home can be tough and we wanted to develop a fun tool that could help families stay connected to the ones they love."  

Though the product has not yet hit the shelves, WestJet airlines has already received a lot of positive feedback about the concept online.

A prototype of the Flight Light has been created, and beta testing on the product is set to take place later this year.

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