WestJet is apologizing to passengers for asking them to commit a "violation of privacy" by secretly recording cabin crew members on their flight. WestJet had asked a few of their frequent flyers to record their customer service experiences, both good and bad, to help them figure out what they "can do better" in the future. 

Despite their good intentions, WestJet had apparently made some of their passengers "uncomfortable" with their request, which they received through a WestJet survey. The survey asked passengers to record their positive experiences on competing airlines. 

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According to Westjet CEO Ed Sims, the survey asked guests to "capture what is the most important - whether it's interaction with our outstanding flight attendants, whether it's their meal service - whatever those moments are that they value most, either in our service or in our competitors' services."

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But, the union claims that WestJet's request was "unacceptable and extremely disappointing." It's a violation of WestJet policy, which strictly prohibits filming, photographing or recording staff or other passengers without their consent. 

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Ed Sims has since apologized, and says that WestJet will no longer be asking passengers for recordings. He says that there was "absolutely no intention to upset flight attendants as a consequence of that action." 

Source: CBC

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