There's a new problem facing Canadians that we likely wouldn't be dealing with if it weren't for the pandemic. Wet masks are becoming the latest winter problem and according to Dr. Theresa Tam, they are something to be avoided.

Canada's top doc said that a moist mask is actually way less effective, in Friday's press conference

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Wet masks are less effective.  

Dr. Theresa Tam

The advice comes after a reporter asked what should Canadians do if they experience a wet mask as a result of the country's wintry weather.

They went on to explain that a mask can freeze when outside and later thaw when in a warm environment.

As a response, Canada's chief public health officer said to have some extra in your bag just in case.

"Wet masks are less effective as well. So it's not just a matter of comfort. 

Tam has previously recommended that Canadians wear a three-layered face mask for the colder seasons.  

Not only does she believe this can slow the spread of COVID-19, but understands that it can help Canadians better suit up for the freezing outdoors.

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